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What is Pigskin Pick 'em?

Pigskin Pick 'em enables you to host your own pick 'em football pools and leagues online. We do almost all of the work for you so you can worry about making your own picks, instead of gathering everyone else's.

I forgot my password. How can I log in?

Request your password to be mailed to you here: Password Recall. Be sure to add to your allowed senders list or your email might end up in your junk mail folder.


How much does a league cost?

The base cost of creating a pick 'em league is $21.95, which covers the first 10 teams to join the league. Each additional team over 10 costs $2. Therefore a league with 5 teams or 10 teams costs the same, $19.95, while an 11-team league costs $21.95. The cost typically works out to less than $2 per team.

What if I don't know how many teams my league will have?

This is very common. It's not necessary to know exactly how many teams your league will have before the season starts, because you are not required to pay until long after you know.

Can I try your site before paying for my league?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it's encouraged. You can create a league with no obligation whatsoever. We're confident that once you see the advantages of hosting your pool at Pigskin Pick 'em, you won't want to run it any other way.

When do I have to pay by?

Typically by the end of the fourth week of the regular season. This is usually enough time to determine if Pigskin Pick 'em is right for you.

Is it safe to make online payments for your service?

Absolutely. As an online business, we're concerned about Internet security, in general, and your privacy, in particular. That's why we don't collect your payment directly, we use PayPal, a global leader in online payments with over 100 million account members worldwide. Furthermore, because we never store your credit card number, phone number, or address, it is impossible for anyone to obtain this information.


Can I have a team in one league and another team in another league?

Yes, you can have as many teams in as many leagues as you like, provided that's okay by the league commissioner.

I have a friend who does not have Internet access. Can I create two teams, one for myself and another for my friend?

Yes, you can create as many teams in a league as you like, provided that's okay by your league commissioner. Be sure to keep track of which team you're submitting your picks for; the team name is always listed at the top of the picks sheet.

Submitting Picks

When does a new week "start"?

At 10 a.m. Eastern Time, every Wednesday.

Can I submit picks now for future weeks?

Yes, you can submit picks for the current and any future week, but you should understand that scheduling and other information can change and it's in your benefit to wait before making picks for a future week.

How long do I have to submit my picks?

You have until your league's picks deadline to submit your picks.

Who sets the picks deadline?

The picks deadline for a league is set by the league commissioner. The default setting for the picks deadline is the day and time of the first Sunday game each week. For most weeks, this setting means you will have until 1 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday to submit your picks.

However, some commissioners prefer to use the day and time of the first game being played in a week. While this is often the same as the first setting, this takes into account games played before Sunday, such as the Thursday game that kicks off the season.

Other commissioners like to use the same day and time each week, such as Friday at 5 p.m., as their picks deadline, so they can view or print everyone's picks before heading home for the weekend.

Can I change my picks once they have been submitted?

Yes and no. You can make or change your pick for any game as many times as you want, up until the picks deadline, provided that the game has not started. Once the picks deadline expires, or your picks are locked in and cannot be changed.

What happens if a game starts before the picks deadline?

Once a game begins, regardless of the picks deadline, that game is locked, and you can no longer make or change your pick for that game.

Can I submit a pick for a game that starts before the picks deadline and return later to make picks for the rest of the games?

Again, yes and no. In order to submit the picks sheet, you must complete it fully. For a standard pick 'em league, this means making a pick for every game on the schedule; you will not be able to submit the picks sheet without doing so. However, as mentioned above, you are always free to change your picks for any game that has not started, up until the picks deadline. This way, you can focus on the games that start before the picks deadline and return for the rest later.

Can my picks be seen by the rest of the league?

It depends on your league. Your league commissioner can choose to either show or hide everyone's picks once they are made. Most leagues hide everyone's picks until the picks deadline.

Once the picks deadline expires, your picks are made visible to everyone in the league.

Additionally, if a game begins before the picks deadline, your pick for that game will be shown once the game begins.

What happens if I forget to make a pick for a game that has already begun?

As stated earlier, once a game begins, even if the picks deadline is days later, that game is locked and you cannot make your pick for it.

If your league does not use Default Picks (more on this in a moment), any game that does not have a pick for it once it begins is voided, and that game is treated as neither a win nor a loss in the standings.

What happens if I miss the picks deadline entirely?

Once the picks deadline expires for a week, you are no longer able to make your picks for any game that week.

Again, what happens next depends on your league. If your league does not use Default Picks, and you forgot to submit your picks for a week, all the games for that week are voided and you will receive a no-win and no-loss record (0-0) that week.

The picks shown on the site are not the same as the picks I submitted, I should have a much better record. Can you change my picks for me?

You are responsible for confirming that the picks that are accepted by the site are the picks you submitted.

Can the league commissioner change or submit picks my picks then?

No, no one can change your picks, even the league commissioner. The league commissioner does have the ability, however, to modify the team records to handle any special circumstances.

Default Picks

What are Default Picks?

If your league uses them, you are automatically assigned Default Picks if you failed to make your picks and the picks deadline has expired or the first game of the week has started.

The Default Picks setting can be home teams, away teams, or random teams, or if your league uses lines (more on this later), favorites or underdogs.

For example, if you did not make your picks before the picks deadline and the Default Picks setting is home teams, you would receive the home teams for all the games.

Similarly, if a game begins before you submitted your picks, the same thing would happen; you would receive the home teams for all the games.

Who decides the Default Picks setting?

This depends on your league. Your league may have the same Default Picks setting, such as away teams, for everyone, or your league may leave it up to you to decide which setting to use.

Can I change my Default Picks setting?

If your league allows you to set your own Default Picks setting, you are asked to select it when you join the league and you can subsequently change it at any time.

However, you cannot change your Default Picks setting once a game has started or after the picks deadline has expired for a week. In these cases, your new Default Picks setting will not take effect until the following week.

How do Default Picks work for Best Bet and Standard Plus Best Bet leagues?

If you are assigned Default Picks in either a Best Bet or a Standard Plus Best Bet league, the last games on the schedule are the ones selected as the Best Bets. For example, if your league uses 5 Best Bet games, the last 5 games are the ones selected as Best Bets if you receive the Default Picks.

The one exception is the random setting. In this case, the 5 Best Bet games will be selected at random.

How do Default Picks work for Confidence leagues?

If you are assigned Default Picks in a Confidence league, the ranks are assigned in an ascending order from the first game on the schedule to the last game on the schedule, meaning the first game will be assigned a rank of 1 and the last game a rank of 16.

As with Best Bet and Standard Plus Best Bet leagues, the one exception is the random setting. With this setting, the game ranks will be assigned randomly.

Can I change my picks after I've been assigned Default Picks?

Yes, as with your regular picks, you are free to change your assigned pick for any game that has not started up, until the picks deadline.

Do the Default Picks assign a Monday night points total?

Yes, if your league uses a Monday night predicted points total, you will be assigned a number between 20 and 60.


What is a line?

A line, or point spread, is the predicted points difference between the winner (called the favorite), and the loser (the underdog) of a game. When using lines, you must determine not who the winner of the game will be, but whether the favorite will win by more than the line.

When are the lines set?

The lines are set at 10 a.m. Eastern Time, every Wednesday.

Where do you get your lines from?

The default lines are taken from Wednesday morning's USA Today paper. Occasionally, however, some games will not have lines at that point in time, due to injuries or some other factor causing uncertainty. In these cases, lines will be set based on a consensus from different sports books.

Will lines change during the course of a week?

No, lines will never change during the course of a week.

Will your lines always end in half a point to avoid ties?

Not by default. However, the league commissioner has the option of forcing any line that doesn't to end in half a point. For example, using this feature, a line of 3 would automatically become 3½, while a line of 7½ would remain the same.

As league commissioner, can I set my own lines for my league?

Yes, the league commissioner can set custom lines once the picks sheet opens. If you plan on using custom lines, be sure to instruct the teams in your league to submit their picks only after you have done so.

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